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Our Story

The concept of Transmedia storytelling has shifted and changed over time. When new digital media first emerged on the scene, individuals were experimenting with the way single narratives could be delivered across different media formats and touchpoints including comics, novels, video games, films and apps, forming discrete story experiences that culminate in one larger piece. Newly empowered audiences also became part of the storytelling, by engaging and contributing in ways never possible before.

Today, the Transmedia Zone celebrates and embraces this ethos by placing an emphasis on end-to-end user experience design. We encourage our teams to think of how their various media touchpoints must contribute a sense of continuity, consistency, and wholeness all the while providing discrete experiences that are as delightful as the main event.

What is the Transmedia Zone?

Transmedia Zone General

Future of Storytelling

New Platforms for Narratives

Innovation in Journalism, Documentary & Factual Media

The Transmedia Zone is an incubator for innovation and creative experimentation in media and storytelling. With a focus on creative excellence, and emerging platforms, trends and processes, the Transmedia Zone supports exceptional projects that push the boundaries of what exists from students and industry members. We put a priority on collaborative cross-disciplinary work, with teams sharing expertise and experience as they take their, big ideas from concept to prototype to viable ventures. We welcome the dreamers, passionate innovators and adventurers and pride ourselves on our diverse community. You’re home.

Music Den

Innovation in Music and Live Entertainment

The Music Den is a hub for Toronto’s music community. The Den’s resources and programming bring together entrepreneurs, students and industry veterans in an effort to build Canada’s next great music companies. This is an exciting time for music in Toronto, and the Music Den is at the forefront of it.

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Children's Media Lab

Innovation in Children’s Programming

The Children’s Media Lab supports students, graduates and members of the children’s industry in shaping the future of children’s content in Canada. Zone members develop and incubate applications across a range of platforms including traditional media and advanced technologies such as virtual/augmented reality and artificial intelligence.

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Having a place to come to with a community of like-minded people and seeing each other progress and cross-pollinating idea legitimizes what you’re doing. Working from your bed is different that a facility that is really well equipped.

Ola Mirzoeva
Team Lead for Kariakoo

Our Values

Creative Excellence & Innovation

We value innovation in storytelling and the creative industries and seek out exceptional projects that push boundaries and could hold their own anywhere in the world.


It’s all about the story. What’s yours? Regardless of platform or format, we prioritize projects that are telling new tales, reinventing old ones, or finding new and exciting ways to share them. Storytelling is what makes us human.

Entrepreneurial Mindset

Inquisitive, inspirational, passionate, courageous and crazy. We value a mindset that isn’t afraid to try new things, to fail and get back up again. Entrepreneurs are results driven and seek to create successful outcomes for themselves, their partners and their audiences.

Audience 1st

Human centred-design. We value projects and teams whose mindset is about solving real problems for real users. We encourage teams to put themselves in their audiences’ shoes at every stage of their process, and to seek their feedback to ensure that what comes out on the other end is desirable and delightful.


We value self-starters who take initiative and want to soak up the most of an opportunity. We know that those who show up and actively participate get more out of their time in our zone.

Open Community

This is not a clique. It’s a club where all are welcome. We prioritize teams that contribute to our inclusive, open and safe community and actively and enthusiastically give of themselves to share ideas, experience, space and advice with one another. We work hard to ensure that our community is gender equitable, and that it is representative of the diverse cultural mosaic that is Canada. As a University Incubator we also value providing meaningful learning opportunities for students.


Ramona Pringle

Dr. Emilia Zboralska
Associate Director

Kate Mckenzie
Studio Manager & Researcher in Residence

Kadrah Mensah

Dr. Colleen Russo Johnson
Innovation in Children’s Media Lab

Kim Wilson
Innovation in Children’s Media Lab

Steven Ehrlick
Music Den Director

Cormac Morgan
Music Den Coordinator

Laurence Butet-Roch
Editor, Rough Draft


Shiloh Bell-Higgins
Transmedia Zone Assistant


Bradley Poulos

Jason King
Innovation Strategist

Katie Jensen

Bre Fitzpatrick
Land & Economic Development Officer

Stefan Grambart
Interactive Writer/Director

Julie Giles
Chief Madhatter

Tim Dolan
Digital Marketing Strategy Consultant & Trainer

Wayne Shipley
Studio Director

Joanne Loton
Executive Producer/Founder


Dan Pollack
IP, Media and Entertainment Lawyer

Jason Maghanoy
Director Of Business Development & Strategic Partnerships

Marty Flanagan
Content Development, Virtual Reality, Experiential Narrative


Douglas Gregory
Game Design, Game Economies, Design Documentation, Unity


Charlie Regis
Co-Founder of Styliff Tech

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