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We are a hands-on, community-focused incubator that supports innovative storytelling across entertainment media platforms. We accept teams four times a year, in a cohort-based system. Our approach is bespoke. Newly accepted teams receive their own customized incubation roadmap that is designed to work alongside the needs of others in the same cohort. We’ve designed a holistic, creator-first exclusive program series crafted to help you take your project to the next level, covering essential topics including story structure, design thinking, lean startup, financing, pitching, discoverability, PR, and so much more, borrowing the best from the business world, and adapting it to make sense for creative pursuits.

For projects with a specific focus on either music or kids' content, we also have two internal incubators, the Music Den and the Children's Media Lab that provide specialized support in these areas.


Storytellers, creators, artists and innovators with a strong, unique and authentic point of view, and a clear mission and desire to see your project from concept to completion. You are beyond the "napkin" stage: you have a clear idea and a prototype that helps us see your vision (a creative treatment; scripts; storyboards; a video; demo etc.) You must be currently engaged in, and actively pursuing your field. You have an entrepreneurial mindset and want to make your mark on the world.

“Innovation” in our context means:

  • Using new platforms because they are an integral part of the story you want to tell
  • Remixing or reimagining traditional storytelling formats
  • Creating new platforms to support stories and storytellers
  • Sharing a distinctive point-of-view
  • Reaching new audiences


  • Building out the storytelling aspects of your project
  • Access to filming and audio studios & recording equipment
  • Business and funding development and strategy
  • Discoverability strategy
  • A dedicated strategic advisor who will track your progress, help you set project milestones, connect you to resources, and help you attain your goals
  • Access to industry leading mentors
  • Exclusive creative industry workshops
  • A collaborative community of like-minded peers
  • Professional 24/7 workspace and space to meet with your team and clients
  • A downtown Toronto mailing address with mailbox service
  • Bookable event space
  • Extra help: the opportunity to take on an apprentice or associate in a mutually beneficial arrangement


You pitch. You’re accepted. You meet the TMZ crew, the members of your cohort, as well as established TMZ residents. You meet your strategic advisor, set your milestones and receive your first incubation roadmap. At the end of your third month, you re-pitch and share your progress. We decide together whether there is a continued fit between what we offer and what you need. You stay. You receive a new roadmap for the next 6 months. At the end of your next six months, we re-evaluate again, together.


The Transmedia Zone is a competitive incubator and accepts only four to five new projects each pitch cycle. The first three months of membership are on us. At month 4 and beyond, we charge a highly subsidized monthly membership fee per team. You can view our rates here. Current students never pay a fee, and discounts apply to recent grads, Ryerson alumni, and outside teams that employ Ryerson students.

Having a place to come to with a community of like-minded people and seeing each other progress and cross-pollinating idea legitimizes what you’re doing. Working from your bed is different that a facility that is really well equipped.

Ola Mirzoeva
Team Lead for Kariakoo

Our Values

Creative Excellence & Innovation

We value innovation in storytelling and the creative industries and seek out exceptional projects that push boundaries and could hold their own anywhere in the world.


It’s all about the story. What’s yours? Regardless of platform or format, we prioritize projects that are telling new tales, reinventing old ones, or finding new and exciting ways to share them. Storytelling is what makes us human.

Entrepreneurial Mindset

Inquisitive, inspirational, passionate, courageous and crazy. We value a mindset that isn’t afraid to try new things, to fail and get back up again. Entrepreneurs are results driven and seek to create successful outcomes for themselves, their partners and their audiences.

Audience 1st

Human centred-design. We value projects and teams whose mindset is about solving real problems for real users. We encourage teams to put themselves in their audiences’ shoes at every stage of their process, and to seek their feedback to ensure that what comes out on the other end is desirable and delightful.


We value self-starters who take initiative and want to soak up the most of an opportunity. We know that those who show up and actively participate get more out of their time in our zone.

Open Community

This is not a clique. It’s a club where all are welcome. We prioritize teams that contribute to our inclusive, open and safe community and actively and enthusiastically give of themselves to share ideas, experience, space and advice with one another. We work hard to ensure that our community is gender equitable, and that it is representative of the diverse cultural mosaic that is Canada. As a University Incubator we also value providing meaningful learning opportunities for students.

In-House Services

The Transmedia Zone at The Creative Innovation Studio provides a complete list of resources to help build your business and/or project:

  • Join a vibrant entrepreneurial community of creatives
  • 24/7 open work space
  • VR equipment and space, Micro-studios and 3D printers
  • Members-only workshops and partnership opportunities
  • Fully equipped meeting boardrooms
  • Front desk service and support
  • Mailbox service
  • Exclusive Creative Industry workshops
  • Access to a network of industry advisors, strategic advisors and professionals
  • Bookable event space


Dr. Emilia Zboralska

Kadrah Mensah
Creative Manager


Dan Speerin
Strategic Advisor


Maya McMullen
Administrative Assistant


Ellen Reade
Events Assistant

Steven Ehrlick
Music Den Director

Cormac McGee
Music Den Coordinator

Dr. Colleen Russo Johnson
Innovation in Children’s Media Lab

Kim Wilson
Innovation in Children’s Media Lab


Bradley Poulos
Management, Growth & Scaling, Operations


Meagan Byrne
Indigenous Relations, Game Design, Interactive Storytelling


Sean Schofield
Intrapreneurship, Innovation, Future of Work

Jason King
Service Design, Product Design, Business Strategy

Bre Fitzpatrick
Entrepreneur Coaching, Community Building, Funding Supports

Stefan Grambart
VR/AR, Game Design, Immersive Entertainment, Interactive Narrative‍

Tim Dolan
Marketing, UX, Value Proposition Dev, Group Facilitation

Wayne Shipley
Interactive & Game Design, Funding & Financing, Team Management

Joanne Loton
Funding Strategy, Media & Business Development, Production


Dan Pollack
IP, Media and Entertainment Law

Marty Flanagan
Content Development, Virtual Reality, Experiential Narrative


Douglas Gregory
Game Design, Game Economies, Design Documentation, Unity


Charlie Regis
UX/UI Design, Web/Mobile Apps, Fundraising, Scaling


Alex Mayhew
EiR - Digital Media, Concept Design, AR


Hector Centeno
EiR - Digital Media, Software Development, Sound Design


Ian Kelso
EiR - Entrepreneurship, Business Management, Interactive Media


Anthony Morgan
Audience Engagement


Tanya Kan
Game Media


Wilson Lin
Live Streaming


Pippa Johnstone


Aaron Labbe
Audio Engineering


David Baker
360 Film


Nicholas Fox-Gieg
Augmented Reality & Animation


Ebyan Bihi
Digital Production, Story

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